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Learn cool magic tricks online.Street magic trick secrets revealed online.
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Make your own magic props

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Mystic Genie Magic Trick
A Free Android App

The Great Mystic Genie A great mind reading magic trick. The Mystic Genie will read your thoughts to find the card you select. A simple, yet fun an effective magic trick. A magic show for your Android device that's a lot of fun and very exciting! Amaze friends and family with this trick designed to stimulate the imagination and solve a mystery too.
Mystic Genie Magic Trick For Adroid 2.3 and above

Disappearing Dime and Penny
Illusion Magic Trick

Show a dime and penny to your spectators. The dime then magically disappears right before their eyes! Great effect and easy to learn! Magic Makers Disappearing Dime and Penny Illusion Magic Trick

Bite Out Quarter / Bite Quarter

This is a seemingly impromptu miracle. The magician displays a quarter, and then takes a bite out of it!
Rock Ridge Magic Products - Bite Out Quarter / Bite Quarter - Includes special gimmick and instructions.

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