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Make your own magic trick props You can make some fun magic props using household items.
These magic props are easy to make and with a little
practice you'll be able to do some amazing tricks.

Make silk scarves magically appear !

Online easy simple instructions.
Make a magic tube to produce silk scarves, flowers
or other objects from empty cardboard tubes.

You'll need 2 cardboard tubes, one about 4 times lager around then the other. The small tube should be a little larger then your magic wand.And about 2 inches shorter then the large tube.From some poster board, cut out a circle that is the same diameter as the inside of the large tube.Cut a hole in it, at the edge, the same size has the small tube. Paint the inside of the large tube with black poster paint.Also paint the inside and outside of the smaller tube and both sides of the circle with black poster paint. Now you have all the pieces for your magic trick prop.
Putting together your prop:
Glue the small tube inside the larger one so that it is 1 inch from both ends. Let your glue dry.Now glue your circle inside the tube lining up the hole with the smaller tube.You can decorate the outside of the large tube any way you like. After everything is dry your ready to practice some magic tricks.
Performing magic tricks with your new prop:

Inside your magic tube, place the objects you want to make appear. Show your audience that the tube is empty by pushing your magic wand through the small tube and giving the tube a little spin. Moving your magic wand around gives the illusion that the tube is empty. Say the magic words and pull the silk scarves from the tube. With some practice you can have a lot of fun with this simple magic prop.

Were adding new magic props you can make yourself, so stop back soon !

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