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Amazing 2 Card Monte Magic Card Trick
A Great card trick using trick cards !
This trick uses special cards
Double Backed Trick cards and Double Faced cards.

2 Card Monte Magic Trick Revealed

When mixed with tricks done with regular cards ,trick cards can be used with amazing results. For this trick the magician takes two cards from a deck.After placing them back to back , turning them around and showing everyone one red card and one black. The magician places one card behind his back. When he asks which card is behind his back , everyone naturally says the red one. When the magician shows the card again it is black . Magically they have switched places. The magician can repeat this on demand always magically switching the cards.

How the 2 Card Monte Magic Trick is done
Mastering the secret move that makes the magic trick

place cards This trick is done with one Double-Backed Trick card and one Double-Faced card These Trick cards can be bought online. You can make your own trick cards for practice simply by gluing together cards from an old deck.They can be detected by a sharp observer but will work while your waiting for your cards to arrive. This is where you must practice ,this move is the secret to making your trick work ! Hold the two trick cards in your right hand. One Double-Faced card with a red face on one side ,and black faced on the other. And one Double-Backed Trick card which shows only the back of the deck on both sides. Fan them out a little as soon in picture 1.

magic switch

Using your fingers and your thumb slide the top card the Double-Backed Trick card to the other side of the fan as in picture 2. At the same time your sliding the trick cards with your fingers your turning over your hand.This makes it appear to your audience that they are looking at the face of the other card not the back of the Double-Faced card. This is not a difficult move with a little practice you'll get it down pat. Practice with a mirror and a friend and you will soon master this move.


Performing the magic trick
Place your trick cards together as in picture 1 with the Double-Backed Trick card on top. And show your cards to your audience using your secret move in pictures 1-3. Asking them to remember the two cards they see. Now your audience has seen what they believe is two faces on two different cards. Being careful and showing them only one side of the Double-Faced card , place the card behind your back with your left hand. Ask them to name the card left in your hand while secretly reversing the card you have behind your back.Bring out the card from behind your back placing it in your right hand again just like in picture 1. You amaze them saying no it is the other card. And now you are ready to amaze them with your magic trick again !

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