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Learn This Amazing Magic Rope Trick right now !
For this magic rope trick you will need:
A piece of rope or string about 3 feet long.
A solid ring about 1 to 3 inches in diameter.
( Ring can be wood plastic or metal , most craft stores carry a big assortment )
A handkerchief or piece of cloth you can't see through. Before performing the trick you may want to practice a bit , because you are doing this by touch without being able to see the ring. To start the magic trick fold the rope in half and push the folded looped end through
the ring , as shown in the picture on the left. Then push the two ends of the rope through the loop.

Pull the ends of the rope all the way through the loop until the ring is securely hanging on the rope.
Pull on the ring while holding the 2 ends showing your audience that the ring is securely attached to the rope. Hand the 2 ends of the rope to someone from the audience and have them hold one end in each hand about a foot apart. Cover the ring with your handkerchief , say few magic words if you'd like. Put both your hands under the handkerchief and loosen the rope loops like in the 2nd picture.This is where your practice pays off. Using thicker rope also makes this magic trick easier.

Slide the rope over the ring or push the ring though the loop.
Choose the way that is easier for you.The ring will now slide off of the looped end of the rope.You can now reveal the rope and ring. Try different ways to reveal your magic , maybe let the ring fall to the floor or have them pull the rope ends apart just as you show the ring.Have fun with your new magic trick ! With just a little practice you will amaze them with a great magic rope trick.

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