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Learn a classic money magic trick right now !

This magic trick will work itself just by following these instructions !
All you need is :
  • Your magic wand
    A pencil will do
  • A dollar bill
  • And a ten dollar bill
    Or any 2 different bills
Setting up your magic trick :
Lay the ten dollar bill on a table
with the long sides of the bill
leading away from you.
Lay the one dollar bill one top
of the ten leaving about a 1/4" of
the short edge of the ten exposed.
Then lay your magic wand on top
and across both bills.
Explain that you will magically
bring the ten dollar bill to
the top of the pile without
lifting either bill off the
Perform your magic trick :
Move your magic wand to the
short edge of the bills closest
to you.Begin rolling your wand
wrapping both bills around your
magic wand as you go.Roll them
all the way up and STOP ! just
as the edge of the ten passes
your fingers.Place one finger
on the edge of the ten dollar
bill holding it down to the table
and roll your wand back toward
yourself revealing the ten
magically appears on top !

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