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50 Greatest (Deluxe) Magic Tricks Tin Kit - Trick

Everything you need to become a master magician. Includes fifty amazing magic tricks to baffle and amaze plus an exclusive hardback book of easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions. Featured tricks include The Dynamic Coins, The Floating Match, Vanishing Handkerchief, Invisible Pen and Svengali Magic Cards.

Magic tricks kit
Karl Fulves Magic Kit by Dover Publications - Tricks

Karl Fulves has taught thousands of beginners, young and old, to master remarkable tricks that delight their friends and families. Step-by-step instructions make his tricks so easy to do that they are called "self working" because they practically do themselves! This kit includes everything you need to master over 280 amazing tricks with cards, coins and hankerchiefs. Enclosed are three of Karl's best-selling books, a deck of cards, two hankerchiefs and three magic coins.

Max Maven John Bannon magic kit
Mentalism and Magic Kit - Trick

Fantastic magic and mentalism from: Max Maven John Bannon Joshua Jay Dan Harlan Jon Jensen Kit Includes: Side Show by Joshua Jay Twisted Sisters by John Bannon Pip Art by Dan Harlan Psi Con Ruse by Max Maven Floating Bill by Jon Jensen

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