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Magic card deck
Oracle Divination Card Deck US Games Systems - Magic Trick

An exquisitely illustrated 52-card deck designed to tap into the hidden wisdom and divinatory powers that reside in all of us. 24-page instruction booklet included. Each card is 3" x 4.5" and is printed in Italy.

Raider card deck
Raider Bicycle Deck by US Playing Card - Magic Card Deck

The Bicycle Raider deck is the accumulation of years of work by a multitude of magicians, graphic artists, and printing experts. Even before the deck is opened, the box alone alludes that the Raider deck is something special. When the cellophane is taken off and the cards removed from the pack, the black backing, highest casino grade stock, and Bicycle's own air-cushion finish allow you to immediately fan the cards as if they were an oiled machine. The red numbers, letters, hearts, and diamonds against the black background make every letter, number, and pip pop. The white clubs and spades create a contrast that can grab attention from across the room. Each deck includes jokers that have a full haunting portrait that can create a sly reveal. From the skulls hidden into Magic Network's original back design, to the card included just for magicians, there is always something new to notice about the Raider deck. And simply using the Raider deck is a way to get you noticed. This is the premium deck of playing cards for those who don't play around with their reputation. Original back design. Most durable stock available. Black border and background. Black pressed twice to get darkest black possible. White and red pips and midnight royals (Classic royals on black background rather than just inverted.) Card revelation built into the jokers. Included double back card.

Rising Card Deck
Rising Card Deck (Red)

- Blaine Watch - The Rising Card trick was featured on David Blaine's Street Magic Special. Effect A spectator freely selects any card from the deck, it`s then remembered and replaced in the deck. The deck may then be cut by the spectator before it is either held by the magician or placed into a glass or leaned against any other object. Seemingly on command, the spectator`s freely chosen card then rises out of the deck!

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