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Switching Sides Black to Red

Setting up the Trick
Fan out a deck of cards. Let someone from your audience pick out two sets of cards. Any 8 red cards and any 8 black cards. Lay out all 8 red cards in two rows of four Place one black card on top of each red card

Now let someone from the audience select a pair by pointing it out.Pick up the pair that they choose (remembering that the black card is on top) separate them showing them to everyone with one card in each hand.When you bring them back together make the red card the top card.And quickly use the pare in your hand to scoop up the other 7 pares one pair at a time in any order.When you have all the cards in a single stack place them face down on the table.

Revealing Your Magic Trick

Now have someone cut the cards.
(when cutting the cards they may remove any number of cards from the top of the stack placing them next to the remaining cards) Place the remaining cards on top of the cards they removed. Have them cut the cards this way a total of 3 times. Now deal out the cards face down into two piles. Alternating one card at a time into each pile. Turn over the piles and fan them out. All the cards are red in one and all black in the other except for the pair that they selected.

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